Bedankbrief uit Roemenië na transport van 15 augustus

20 augustus 2017

Bericht van Laura en Alexandru Vladescu over de afgelopen dinsdag uitgeladen truck in Roemenië. Een mooie brief met daarin een weergave over hoe een transport in korte tijd uitgeladen en verdeeld is over meerdere projecten. Zij danken iedereen voor onze hulp en zij laten weten dat we vele kinderen, volwassenen en gezinnen gelukkig gemaakt hebben met onze vracht.

"Although, August 15 is a great celebration, Saint Mary, when we arrive at 9:00 at the Costesti City Hall, the volunteers and the Mayor are already in the yard. The transport for Costesti arrived at 11 o'clock. The mayor mobilized substantial people (about 15 people) and at 13:30 the trailer was already downloaded. I took care that people put the materials on categories, because the trailer had to be gone quickly to the other place because the transport vehicles were already waiting. The school furniture, school cupboards and toys were immediately transported to schools and kindergartens. The materials: quilts, blankets, bed, matrass, kitchen, parambulator, crutch, pillow, wheelchair, were immediately sent to the Costesti Asylum you visited before. It is hoped that in the coming days the City Hall and the social assistance will repartition coats, clothes, sheets to the inhabitants of the 6 villages of the commune. Asked for help: - The Stalpu Commune (visited by her at the last visit) - Scortoasa commune located beyond Berca, near the Muddy Volcanoes, which you saw last year. I suggested to the mayor that TOM-Du clothes are being repaired at the beginning of the school in the kindergarten and in the small classes and mothers who will come with the little children in their arms or hand and necessarily to take photos. I am convinced that he will do it because he is a Serious man, human, loved and respected by the people from the village, he was elected the 5 th time as a mayor. The bikes will be given by the mayor with social assistants. Tomorrow we will go with the administrator, Mr. Ivan, from the Buzau Oncology Hospital to take the boxes with (Wig ) And boxes for the sick people from the Occupational Hospital that we have separated from the rest. I called Ms. Luminita Dragan and tomorrow I will take a scooter mobility for a person near her. I gave the mayor a donation word model, completed my documents for the goods already given today and told him to carefully keep the transport documents as we did in every city hall. Mayor and the people of Costesti thank you very much for the sent aids, which will make happier many adults, children and families. Best wishes for everyone, Laura and Alexandru Vladescu."