Kinder revalidatiecentrum Nefelejcs, Oekraïne

21 mei 2017

Mail van Gusztáv Fodor: Yesterday I promised to You, that today I will write about You about an Ukrainian Handicapped Children Rehab Foundation called "Nefelejcs." I wrote, that there is 2 running Rehab Centers in Ukraine: one in Center Vari with 35 children and Center Hetyen with 23 children. 

You can't believe it, this Center is the only Handicapped Children Rehab Center in Ukraine, Transcarpathian region (1,2 million people). Thousands of disabled (mentally and physical handicapped) children are waiting for physiotherapy, but there are no culture of social and financial protection in Ukraine of those children. There are no special school for them, one parents have to sit down with the children, and to live from 40-50 Euro per Month. Those families are poor and week families, they are also needs protection.

The foundation is making meetings for those families, it was fantastic, that families with handicapped children were happy to meet with each other, and they could share experiences with each other. 

There is a good Youtube film about the work of the Rehab Center. Please watch it till the end.